Welcome Spokane!

20140722_063310Spokane’s Union Gospel Mission Women’s Recovery at Anna Ogden Hall has enthusiastically embraced Up and Running Again’s training program. Through our first week and a half of training, attitudes have been great, and this wonderful group of women is very excited to take on this journey ahead of them!

One runner mentioned that she was hoping to add an extra challenge to the Women’s Recovery program, and when this came along she knew this was just the thing for her. A few runners have expressed that the running will help them towards overcoming their smoking habits.

After a somewhat last minute startup, our running group has taken shape with about 15 participants and 5 volunteers hitting Spokane’s Centennial Trail. We welcomed a rainy run this past Tuesday morning, especially after a couple of runs last week where we endured some smoky air coming in from wild fires in Central Washington.

We are very encouraged by this group of women and look forward to a great training season towards the Spokane Half Marathon!


20140722_063238-Contributed by Kelly Klossner, Spokane Union Gospel Mission Coach

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